Double cream surface ripened white mould cheese. As the cheese matures it forms a smooth runny interior and a bloomy rind typical to Camembert.

Kefir Camembert (organic)
This Cheese is produced with batch pasteurised Organic milk from Benmar farm at Hannam Vale and lovingly made using a probiotic Kefir culture, creating a crisp, clean low cream Camembert.

Saltwater Ash
A surface ripened white mould cheese coated in a fine grapevine ash during the maturing process to provide a subtle yet tantalising taste. Visual contrast of the colours within this cheese make it a stunning compliment to any cheese plate.

Washed Rind
A smear ripened white mould cheese, washed with natural ‘Black Duck Brewery’ dark beer during the aging process. Rich, creamy and complex in flavour, our washed rind develops a strong aroma when fully ripe and exhibits a characteristic orange rind.

This cheese is surface ripened with a hint of Blue Roquefort mould, providing the clean, salty taste combined with the soft creamy centre more characteristic of Brie.

Crowdy Blue
A delicious medium round blue vein, typical of the styles that Comboyne Culture has been developing over the years. A mild yet full flavoured cheese.

Buffalo Camembert
Camembert style made with buffalo milk.

Betty Davis Blue (organic)
Named affectionately after a much loved cow called ‘Betty Davis’ who helps to provide the Organic Milk we use from Benmar Farm. This soft, beautifully crafted blue vein cheese is a popular addition to our organic range.

Mountain Brie
Our traditional French recipe Brie has a deliciously lush and creamy center with a sweet mushroom aroma that continues to develop during maturation. Available to buy in a full round or by the piece.

Throne River Blue
A large round 2kg semi hard blue cheese with a longer aging process.Softer in flavour then other blue cheeses and less salty with a crumbly texture. Available in full round or by the piece.

A creamier and softer variant of the original Greek Feta Cheese. A less crumbly, slightly salty white cheese, made with cow’s milk.

A lovely traditional, creamy, mild fresh cheese that originated in Europe. Universal in nature, quark can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes . A wonderful substitute for cream cheese when making cheese cake.